Zenkyoken is a leading educational company in Japan, specializing in after school tutoring and programming instruction.

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“Programming Dojo” is Zenkyoken’s educational program for children. In our classes, you receive a computer and a model car. You put together codes on the computer and program the car to run in the real world. Each class provides you with a mission to accomplish. For example, if your mission is to make the car “go straight forward then stop at the black line”, you will have the knowledge of “if” command by the end of the class.



We use simple visual interface. You can simply choose what you need and put them in order.


The model cars are equipped with touch sensors, infrared sensors, line sensors and LED lights.


We are now planning to introduce drones to some of our advanced classes!



We offer various classes at different levels. If you are a beginner, you will start with making the car move forward, backward and rotate. In advanced classes, you write your own code in order to accomplish a complex mission.

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We offer our Programming Dojo in various countries. Children learning with us will have opportunities to communicate with other children in different countries.


Are you interested in doing business with us?

Zenkyoken is now expanding Programming Dojo outside of Japan. If you are interested in partnership with us, please feel free to contact at +81 92 718 0080 or y-shin@zenkyoken.gr.jp


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