Zenkyoken is a leading educational company in Japan, specializing in after school tutoring and programming instruction.

Our philosophy

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56 years of experience in education

Zenkyoken started its business in the field of education in 1962. We have provided a wide range of educational programs in Japan ever since. We have expanded our businesses globally since 2015 and now we offer our programming courses worldwide.


Are you satisfied with existing programming courses?

If you are new to programming, you start with moving your hands in the real world, putting gadgets together and run a model car. We offer various courses at different levels. In the end, you will be able to actually write C-code on your own.


Can you keep up with the evolving world?

With the advance of technology, the world is evolving more rapidly than ever. Our educational programs provide children with opportunities not only to acquire certain set of skills but also to nourish creativity and proactivity, which are essential to generate new businesses the world needs when they grow up.


Let’s jump into the world of programming with Zenkyoken and shape the world for tomorrow!
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