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MVP Teachers in Malaysia and India

Thank you for your contribution in Malaysia and India.

【RoboRAVE】Result of RoboRAVE Kaga Japan2018

Our school students got 8th in the tournament.

【Event】Intercultural Project in Sasebo

Intercultural Project between students in Sasebo and students in US Army Camp starts in December.

【Event】RoboRAVE Kyushu Tournament2018

RoboRAVE Kyushu Tournament2018_September 1st, 2018 Students from Japan, Malaysia and India perticipated in thi …

【EVENT】Dojo Yaburi – Try Your Skills Offered in Taiwan

Dojo yaburi is to set out for another school and defeat every man there. How about trying your skill to in pro …

New School Offers Programming in Nagano

Hero’s Matsumoto is an educational company in Nagano, specializing in after school tutoring and programm …

First Educational Bridge Project with Malaysia Completed

We visited Malaysia to have communication through robot-programming. -21st(Sat) July

Zenkyoken Programming Textbooks and Robot Now Available on Amazon

You can buy our special robot and 4 textbooks on amazon web site. Four textbooks are about… 1. Programming for …

Robotics Programming Offered in English at Fukuoka Church

We had the 2nd lesson at FUKUOKA FUKUIN JIYUU KYOKAI(church).

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